Awareness. Innovation. Design.

What is Innovation? I believe innovation is all about finding the right balance in creating sustainable world. Creating new products or services that help people, animals and the environment, so all life can live in harmony. Innovation is more then choosing organic or recyclable materials. It's about rethinking the purpose of our actions. As well as reducing our way of consumerism by choosing products with a long life span. Reusing materials and resources to create new products should be mandatory. Recycling should be fully integrated in our lives. And if we open our minds for reinventing new ways to make products and services more efficient we should do it. Innovation is thinking in circles.



I am an innovator and designer by heart. I question everything in the process of creation so I'll keep expanding my horizon. It's my dream to create a sustainable world, for the generations to come. With a master's degree in Industrial design & engineering and more then a decade of experiences,  I can help your organisation to innovate, design and create a sustainable strategy. Please send me a message by filling in the form below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

And please don't forget to checkout my dream company ORIGIN:DREAM. Here we help people to work on their dream with mindfulness tools & trainings, sustainable products and a clear focus.


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